Year-end Activities at the Sports School by Preetha Babooram

Annually, following the year-end exams in November, many schools experience a general lull and dwindling attendance to the wind-down in the final weeks of the end of the school year. It can become stressful to think of ways to keep students engaged when they know there are only a few weeks left before they (and we!) have a glorious break. There are engaging ways of transforming this period with exciting activities, making it fun-filled and memorable.

At the Sports School, it is the time of the year when the atmosphere becomes festive.
The days leading up to the count-down become fast-paced and busy with a hub of annual activities. During this period, one of the best things to do is to keep our athletes moving! There is a big focus on student well-being, healthy living, and happiness throughout the year, which is vital for success. Every department (teachers and sports coaches) plan and schedule whole school engaging activities, and provide guidelines and the rules for participation.

The school uses the House system to develop a sense of community and camaraderie.
All students, teachers, and coaches belong to one of our four houses: Kalasak (Red), Sinipit (Blue), Utap (Green), and Perisai (Yellow). This system ensures that friendly competition and teamwork are enhanced. It also allows students to actively contribute towards their House points during lessons and beyond the classroom. Our student-elected house captain and vice-house captains play a role in school life. Throughout the year, they are responsible for organizing cross-phase house competitions to ensure that students from all year groups interact and collaborate regularly. House events celebrate a wide range of interests, including dance competitions, Mathematics, and creative writing, to ensure that every student has an opportunity to represent their ability for their respective houses.

Educational Visits
This activity links directly with aspects of learning in the year. For these learning opportunities, some departments plan an off-campus excursion or theme day. Students visited the local wildlife sanctuaries, museums, career Expos and even participated in initiatives to clean up the beach. Before any trip takes place, a letter goes to parents giving information about the trip. These excursions give students a chance to get dressed up and to become fully immersed in the experience.

Sports School Inter-House Futsal Tournament
The Sports school CCA committee and football coaches organize this popular event. The tournament takes place over two days in the school atrium.

The rules:
Each Sports House selects FOUR teams, 2 teams from the Lower secondary (Year 7 and 8) and 2 teams from the Upper secondary (Year 9, 10, and 11).  There is a minimum of five and a maximum of 8 players per team. All players must wear their house colors and SHIN GUARDS. The tournament uses the round-robin format played over two days. Day 1 is Sports School Round 1 – Group Stages and Day 2 – Sports School Round 2 – Sports School Champions-League Group and Sports School Europa League Group. Games last for 6 minutes a side. The team captain selects players and organizes practice sessions. Sports Houses each have a teacher (team manager) on the day of the tournament. Futsal rules apply and the final list of players must be submitted a week in advance to the teachers in charge.

(A fitness, circuit track event, to mark the Principal’s 50th birthday on 5 November 2020)

Teams: Each Sports House selects two teams of five – one lower (Year 7 and 8), one upper (Year 9, 10, and 11), including one staff member and a minimum of one academic student and one female student. Team members compete in the same order for every activity. All participants must have a bottle of water or energy drink with them around the course, otherwise no participation.

Double House points are available to both lower and upper secondary levels: First 200 points, Second 140 points, Third 100 points, Fourth 60 points. House points will only be awarded to teams if every team member completes a lap of each activity and all five team members cross the line of the 6th track lap together.

Spartan Challenge Event 2020
This event is a series of obstacle races of varying distance and difficulty to establish extreme wellness.

Focus group: All Point system ( 1st – 100pts, 2nd – 70pts, 3rd – 50pts, 4th – 30pts ). Each house has to register: 1 team (2 Male upper Students + 2 Female upper Students + 1 lower Male + 1 lower Female, total of 6 members) ) and 1 team from Staff + teachers + Coaches = 3 males + 2 females, total of 5 members. The game format will be the knock out system and the winner proceeds to the next game.

Event 1 rules:
The fastest tire-flip to reach 20 meters will be the winner, to finish the event in 2 minutes. Students use the 180kg tire and, the teacher/coach/staff use the 250kg tire.

Event 2 rules:
There is no time limit for the farmers walk which includes carrying a 15kg dumbbell while walking, lifting the medicine ball from the ground to the plyometric box, and pulling a tire by rope for 20 meters. The fastest time to complete the event will be the winner.

Event 3 rules:
No time limit for this event, which includes punching bag Lift – lifting two punching bags, plate walk – carrying 20kg plate move, tyre roll – rolling two tires simultaneously, carrying the dumbbell – a 15kg dumbbell and then the medicine ball (7kg and 4kg).

Sports school inter-house lip sync battle 2020 – (Engaging students with music)
If there is one thing that never fails to engage students, it is music. For the ultimate music experience, get students to listen to popular tunes and brainstorm ideas to perform, dance, and lip-sync to their favorite songs.   The English Department organized this event.

The rules:
Each Sports House must send in two categories: One group – English category and the other – Open category. The groups can be mixed boys and girls and from any year level. The performances can have a maximum of five singers. Students can also lip-sync solo. Music used can be made up of a medley of songs. The song sync must last no longer than 5 minutes. One group has to sing English songs which can be a medley of English songs or a single song. The second group has the option of singing a non-English song. They may also choose songs in English or other languages, or simply other languages with no English songs or just one non-English song. Dance moves and some use of props are encouraged. There can also be acting. Each Sports house must hand in their names of performers and titles of songs on a pen drive to the organizing committee for approval. Invited judges will base their decision criteria on how well they lip-sync and the quality of performances (dance/perform). Performers are encouraged to dress in costumes and ‘singers’ can have backup dancers. These dancers will be included as part of the props and not considered as singers/performers.

Plan a vacation
Students plan for their vacation with project-based learning:
Students learn about budgeting by planning a vacation with this real-life scenario Math project. Teachers hand each team a cheque for the amount they can spend on their vacation. Teams will brainstorm places they would like to visit, choose a location, and write about it, giving reasons for their choice. Students can visit the ICT lab to research flight costs, car hire, accommodation, tours, and restaurants they plan to visit. Teams will share their presentation at the end of the project. Winning teams are selected based on the best budget and most informative presentation.

Celebrate successes
The awards function is a formal event, which parents attend, to celebrate students’ academic and Sports achievements. Outstanding achievers and most progressed students are acknowledged and awarded for their success. Apart from this formal awards function, other students that have achieved in the year need to be recognized. These students need to be acknowledged for their participation in the reading challenge, completing outstanding writing tasks, writing poetry, or just making it through a challenging year. The treat is usually a Scrabble Tournament or another game day, or an outdoor picnic. They are honored with a special event planned to celebrate their accomplishments.

The last few days are set aside for the whole-school cleanup.Notice boards are cleared and classrooms are cleaned out to make for a fresh start in the new year. Students show off their creative flair by painting growth mindset murals and clean up their school prosperity gardens. Finally, with all the competitions completed, it is time to find out the winning Sports house. The winning teams are always in high spirits and bursting with excitement. The moment arrives and the Principal announces House positions. Each Sports house receives a cash prize for their last day celebrations. All that is left to do is for Houses to plan their menu and celebrations. The last day of school arrives and is all about fun, games, karaoke, live entertainment, pizza, and barbeques.

I hope that these events which have become a tradition at the Sports School inspire you to some extent. The rules, guidelines, and planning for each event are included. Hopefully, this helps you plan and easily navigate through activities for the end of your school year. It usually makes me wish there were more than just a few weeks left at the end of the school year, with so much to enjoy. Give some of the events a try and observe the difference it makes and the smiles on your students’ faces as the school year comes to a close. We can all happily enjoy a good holiday with a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done!

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